Offer less-SERVE MORE

We tend to be creatures of habit, get up at a certain time, take meals at a certain time, retire the day at a certain time….plugging through each day much the same as the day prior.

The internet has changed a great deal since it began in the 80’s–the evolution has brought forward a great number of changes in our ‘day to day’. The way we advertise and the way we do business has changed.

Back in the good old days, a businessperson was out there in the world, greeting and speaking with those surrounding them in their lives–most important; they were taking hold of people’s hands in a friendly shake. Many others sit behind a screen, waiting for someone to swing by their cyber-world so that they can meet them with a cyber-shake. Even though most do a great deal of internet marketing, it is very important to remember that there is a person behind that digital transfer of words through email or page.

In speaking with a friend of mine who has both an online and a brick and mortar store I asked him this morning how he felt about the experience he was offering to his customers these days and how important cyber-business was to him.

His answerers surprised me, but prove what many of our customers are all saying—if you take the time to listen.

Through his doors each day will pass thousands of customers—who fought the traffic, rushing here and there to run all their errands, make it to work on time or in a hurry to get home from work. He realized that even his life had become much the same congested rat race we all enter in to accomplish what we need each day. This past year brought many changes—all thanks to his cyber customers.