The Supremacy being CodeIgniter Development Company

CodeIgniter is an open source framework for development and recently found many technological advantages compared to other generic equivalent frameworks. The sole reason for CodeIgniter being getting popularity relates to mainly two attributes. First, the previous PHP frameworks less suitable in terms of developing huge sites or enterprise software. Secondly, the framework is based on the MVC architecture, that and allows agile scrutiny check methodologies.


When it comes to develop simple and small sites with PHP written backend, PHP is one of the dominant technologies applicable in the IT development services. One can easily manage to create the code using PHP script and therefore, any relative suitable coding structure of the product. But, when one talks at enterprise applications development, which is though comparatively huge than any other software in the market, the coding structure is an outcome of a team work that leads to confusion after certain period of time presuming certain conditions. For such huge software, the developer or even the developing team keeps on changing according to the requirements. Thus, whenever a new developer is assigned to the developing task, it might become confusing for developer as there are repeating coding structures in multiple HTML pages having entirely different functionalities. Thus, in order to avoid such flaws, the coding structure needs to be organized and regularly scrutinized along with the developing task.

It has led to designing and development pattern that ultimately developed as MVC architecture that stands for Model-View-Controller. The MVC architecture allows the developers to follow a coding structure and review on the basis of real time. CodeIgniter is based MVC approach and divides the task into three segments that are nothing than Models, Views and Controllers. The reason for development of the framework is the only reason for getting the popularity of a CodeIgniter development company.

Model represent data that any of the application being developed. It may be RSS feeds, simple database files, API calls, etc., and other functionalities of updating the code, retrieving, returning to the data and removing the data as well.

Views are the second step followed in the procedure and make use of the screens to represent in the real time, the code that has been develop