The demand for Global News is increasing

Whatever the public thinks and concludes is also to a great extent fashioned by the media. Hence, whether it includes insult or praise to some person is highly manipulated by the media. The approach of the masses is tailored to a vast extent by the media. This is considered by many as a false thing to do. This may result in always taking people for granted. This truly happens when news is broadcasted by various news channels. Acquiring the upmost position is the main aim of most of the news channels who deliver world breaking news and have entered the competition.
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This confuses a person because he doesn’t comprehend which news channel he should watch and which he should not. Many a time’s news channels are influenced by a particular political party. They manipulate their version of story and broadcast it on the news channels. Though, if media falls for these moneymaking offers, it will be considered as a wrong move. The viewers cannot do much about it. But, the caution also is not always implemented. A higher authority should be given the power to decide what is wrong and what is right. Entertainment and fitness news is something people have a lot of interest in and also in knowing about the world business news. Some news channels only show the international news and global news.