Boost Your Business By Installing Cyber Cafe Software

Cyber cafes have become quite popular because of the increasing fame of internet all over the world. People of every age go to the cyber cafes for different tasks like playing games, chatting, checking e-mail, voice chats, online calls and much more. There is rush almost all the time in the café, specially on weekends when most of the people get free time to enjoy some leisure time talking to their family or friends or otherwise playing some fun games. But the main problem is the security issue in the cyber café. Being used by people of every age and every class, it has so many vulnerabilities to be coped with. The attack of viruses can easily damage the systems, and therefore the business gets affected. For this reason, cyber cafe software has been designed to cope with the security needs of the cafes and other networking environments.

The development of this beneficial tool has facilitated the owners of internet and cyber cafes to a great deal. It helps them in maintaining their records in an efficient manner without the need of expensive resources. It’s easy to keep the systems secure, and also to remain updated about the activities which are in progress on different PC’s connected to the network. If you want to keep track of the activities which have been performed during particular duration, then you can easily do so by installing antamedia cyber cafe software on the server system. Moreover, the client systems will be secure and more efficient, as the users can come and simply put in their assigned user name and passwords to start using the internet.

This tool is not only beneficial for the cyber cafes, but it can also be installed in many other networking environments like hospitals, school labs, universities, business setups, banks, software houses and many other places. In fact it is the best way to manage a network which is secure as well as efficient. Antamedia cyber cafe software is mainly installed on the server pc, and its threads are run on the client systems to get updated information about all the activities. You can maintain the log in and log out times of users, as the client thread of the tool will automatically disconnect the user when his balance or time is over.

It has been developed by using some of the most efficient algorithms, which possess reliable verification and validation systems to function in a great manner. It also consists of POS i.e. point of sales systems to keep record of the printer activities. Antamedia cyber cafe software provides support at different levels starting from the facility of activity record to system security. Moreover, now you do not have the need to hire many resources or employees to deal with customers, and maintain daily activity. Purchasing Antamedia cyber cafe software, can save you from lots of troubles and also will help you in increasing your business, because most of the customers would like to visit your trusted and reliable café in order to enjoy a smooth time in a relaxing environment.